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This article guide you about what is mobile sim locking, why Smartphone are locked. Advantage and disadvantage of locked and unlocked cellphone.


Here I will explain how smartphone got unlocked but before that It is necessary to provide details about why mobile are locked and how to get sim unlock code for Nokia, Samsung, lg, HTC and Motorola android devices. I would also like to add here that latest android os like pie9, oreo8, nougat7 are more difficult to unlock compare to older mobile operating systems.

When you buy new android smartphone, free sim card is also provided along with that. Specially when you buy mobile on contract base or monthly payment way. Sim means subscriber identity module. This simcard locked with android or IOS iphone. You cannot use other sim on your gadgets. This is because you are tied with contract and until you make full payment of smartphone. This is to secure network carrier credit amount. For example you buy cellphone from cricket wireless, at&t, sprint, bell or vodafone on Eip plan then you cannot use t-mobile Verizon sim on that phone without sim unlock at&t or other mobile . Eip stand for equipment installment plan. So those company wants that you use their simcard and they can earn from you.

How cellphone is sim locked? When you insert a sim to device and start device. Mobile starts to search available gsm or cdma network. Now sim card has all details of your identity to register on carrier network. It also ties imei number of smartphone with carrier network. And it has hidden code inside your android so you can not register on any other carrier network except one carrier with which sim is locked. Such locking is done when you purchase latest product of apple iphone Samsung galaxy, lg and HTC on discount price or installment base.

But when you find that your carrier data plan are costly and outgoing call rates per second charge are high. And you find good data plan or unlimited internet plan from other network carrier operator. Now you want to use other sim. When you insert new sim to mobile you get message that enter sim network unlock pin or network locked card inserted, invalid wrong chip and contact services provided. Mobile must be unlocked to use other sim card. To unlock device need following information to get unlock code for mobile.

Advantage and disadvantage of locked cellphone

You can get locked cellphone under 50 to 100$ plan though cost of the mobile will be more than 600$. You can get latest handset of Samsung, lg, apple iphone, HTC and Huawei. Disadvantage is mobile is restricted to particular carrier. Different sim will not work on that mobile. Phone cannot be used in other countries. You are in contract for 2 years or less.

Advantage and disadvantage of sim network unlock smartphone

Mobile supports all kind of sim card. You can take advantage of better plans from different carrier operator. You can use android at any country. Dual sim benefit is possible. Disadvantage is full payment of smartphone must be made in advance.



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