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Black spots in the eye are pretty common and in most cases it is at something that you need to worry about, however it is worth understanding what they are, where they come from and your options for removing them should they become too invasive. Black spots in the eye are usually called floaters mainly because they have the tendency to float around is your vision and a line of sight. It is possible to get blackspots in in either one eye or both eyes and it is more noticeable under conditions of bright light all light-coloured backgrounds. The appearance of these plaque floaters is entirely subjective aE" they have been described as fine lines, spiders, circles and even roads on a map. Scientists believe that they are in fact dead cells and find aggregates of vitreous protein that are dark enough to cast a shadow on the retina. Floaters can be invasive especially when they appear often and are easily noticeable in the line of vision.


For most people, despite being a definite distraction, they are harmless however if you experience a sudden an abrupt accumulation in the number of blackspots in your vision then it is important that you seek the advice of an ophthalmologists as soon as possible because it may be a sign of a haemorrhage into the vitreous body of your eye or even a retinal break. If you want to remove these blackspots from your vision then you have two main options aE" surgery and natural floater removal. The surgical option is called a vitrectomy and is a fairly invasive surgery that is often quite expensive and requires a significant amount of recovery time. It is only really worthwhile if the blackspots in your vision are particularly dark and invasive. If you're considering trying to remove your black spots through natural means then I suggest that you look into forms of supplementation along with eye exercises to strengthen the muscle. Lutein and bilberry are two of the most commonly used supplements to counteract black spots in the vision.taurine is a substance that is found in leafy green vegetables such as kale and spinach and is probably the number one supplement for eye care and is recommended for a wide variety of eye conditions aE" in fact certain ophthalmologists suggest that you should supplement with lutein if you're older than 50 regardless of the condition of your eyesight. Bilberry is a substance that increases the circulation to the components in the eye and is also commonly used.

On top of this, you may like to consider taurine, which is a substance that helps to regenerate tissue in the retina and antioxidants that fight away free radicals and prevent oxidative damage in the eye. The eye exercises that I referenced earlier in the article do have the ability to remove blackspots and should be done on a daily basis for a period of a few weeks. After this amount of time you should experience some kind of improvement and if so you should continue doing exercises consistently. Exercises for relaxation, such as palming, and exercises for strengthening the muscle such as using colour charts both have their benefit in a floater removal eyesight program.

As the World Cup qualifiers are getting closer, the competition is heating up. Mexico and Honduras both managed to win their games at home, with Mexico defeating the United States 2-1 and Honduras humiliating Costa Rica by winning 4-0.

Costa Rica still enjoys first place in the standings with 12 points, followed by Honduras and the United States with 10 and Mexico at the bottom with 9. All of the teams have four games left. Only the first three positions will qualify for the World Cup in South Africa next year; the fourth will play a team from South America for a berth. Mexico, currently in fourth, has won all of its games at home; unfortunately for the team, all four games left will be played as visitors. Nevertheless, the Mexican team has enjoyed a great deal of success against the United States.

The US has lost all of the last 19 games played against Mexico in the Azteca Stadium, and yesterday, in front of 105,000 fans, was not an exception to the trend. The US managed to open the score after Charlie Davis hit the ball past Guillermo Ochoa in the ninth minute of the game.


The Americans maintained the lead for only 11 minutes, after which Israel Castro made a long distance shot that equalized the score 1-1. With only eight minutes to finish the game, Miguel Sabah scored the victory goal, giving the El Tri another win this month against their longtime American rivals. "Today is a day to celebrate, and then get back to work," said Coach Javier Aguirre, who came to the Mexican squad to replace Sven Goran Eriksson after a bad start to Mexico's campaign. "Everybody will go to bed tonight a bit more relaxed."

Honduras, several hundred shadow fight 3 apk mod miles south of the US-Mexico game, won a very important match against the leader of the group, Costa Rica. The victory by the Catrachos in San Pedro Sula kept the Mexican team in fourth place. The game was a very one-sided one. The Honduran star of the night was Carlos Costly, who scored two of the game's four goals; he also assisted Melvin Valladares and Carlos Pavon to complete the rest of his team's goals against a weak Costa Rica team.

Costa Rica was not even a shadow of what we saw at the Golden Cup; the defense left much to be desired and the performance was, in general, very weak against a team like Honduras. Granted, Honduras has its limits as well, but the team was clearly motivated by the desire to accomplish a dream like going to the World Cup. Honduras continues to fight for a spot in that competition, as the country hasn't enjoyed a spot in well over 20 years, since 1982.



Costa Rica, on the other hand, is on its third successive World Cup qualification. The next round takes place on September 5th, when Mexico will visit Costa Rica while Honduras will host Trinidad and Tobago and the United States will host El Salvador. This will be a decisive date; we can only wait and see what will happen, and wonder who will qualify.